our current WATNEXT agenda .... click here to see our first press article and here to see our first anniversary press release

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  • to find short term solutions and longer term measures to reduce traffic congestion in Watlington town centre

  • to deter HGV drivers from using the B4009 and B480  as a rat run through Watlington - including additional signage especially on the M40

  • to reduce air pollution levels in Watlington as measured

  • to demonstrate to residents and businesses that problems can be overcome and that some lorry traffic in Watlington is necessary - click here to see the 7.5 ton weight limit zone where large HGV movements are strictly for access WITHIN that area 

  • to collaborate with other villages and communities in Oxfordshire with common issues to present a unified case to the relevant authorities with regard to roads infrastructure policy

  • to preserve the unique nature of our historic town and to identify and address other key concerns of residents such as speed control on the busy B roads around the town