the problems we face in Watlington are common to our neighbours and many other villages and communities across South Oxfordshire - together we can achieve so much more as a collective lobbying group and our MP John Howell is working with WATNEXT and other communities in the hope of finding some broader solutions on behalf of South Oxfordshire - we need Oxfordshire County Council to give some serious consideration to infrastructure improvements that are focused in our part of the County! 


Wheatley has a combination of narrow streets and tight bends and the problems they create are exacerbated by drivers deciding to use the town as a rat run link from the M40 to the Oxford Ring Road


The issue of heavy traffic has plagued Henley for many years and its not confined to Regatta and Festival times., The large number of HGVs passing through the town create the double edge sword of congestion and pollution caused by the congestion. Henley in Transition are tackling these issues and can be found at:

For the latest report from Henley in Transition click here


The High Street suffers from a combination of noise, vibrations and fears for the safety of pedestrians as result of  a constant flow of traffic and an ever increasing number of HGVs


South Newington

Snarl has been campaigning for many years in respect of the use of lorries on the A361. The industrial nature of Banbury has had a huge impact on the village and more information is available on:


Our next door neighbours suffer the problem of speeding through the village and the large number of HGVs passing through. The location of nearby industrial estates has added to the volume of large vehicles destined for these locations


Benson has a combination of problems relating to speed, volume of traffic and insufficient parking at key sites



Swyncombe are undertaking a Community Led Plan addressing issues affecting their 200 households.

A major concern is speeding through the area with the B481 still maintaining a 60 mph limit but with 30 mph zones through Park Corner and Cookley Green


Residents of Chalgrove are frustrated by the bottlenecks caused by traffic congestion in Watlington as they battle to reach the M40 at junction 6



Little Milton



Britwell Salome

Great Milton

are all affected by HGV traffic and/or speed abuse - we want to hear more about the problems 

and our friends over the County border in Berkshire are also concerned that HGV traffic travelling through Watlington has an adverse affect on their locations