Watlington has had a problem with air pollution for many
years. Pollution levels are above EU and UK standards. The Air Quality Management Area in the town centre was designated by SODC in 2009


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The Watlington Neighbourhood Plan provides the best chance of reducing air pollution in the town centre. The proposed new edge road around the town will divert much of the existing through traffic, particularly the traffic to and from the M40

some IMPORTANT facts...

  • Air pollution is a major environmental risk to health. By reducing air pollution levels, we can help countries reduce the global burden of disease from respiratory infections, heart disease, and lung cancer.
  • The lower the levels of air pollution in a town or city, the better respiratory (both long- and short-term), and cardiovascular health of the population will be.
  • Indoor air pollution is estimated to cause approximately 2 million premature deaths mostly in developing countries. Almost half of these deaths are due to pneumonia in children under 5 years of age.
  • Urban outdoor air pollution is estimated to cause 1.3 million deaths worldwide per year. Those living in middle-income countries disproportionately experience this burden.
  • Exposure to air pollutants is largely beyond the control of individuals and requires action by public authorities at the national, regional and even international levels
  • The WHO Air quality guidelines represent the most widely agreed and up-to-date assessment of health effects of air pollution, recommending targets for air quality at which the health risks are significantly reduced. The Guidelines indicate that by reducing particulate matter (PM10) pollution from 70 to 20 micrograms per cubic metre, we can cut air quality related deaths by around 15%.
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