We need new houses throughout our area to meet demand

We need new houses throughout our area to meet demand

Not a day goes by without the media reminding us - we need more houses!


South Oxfordshire District Council requires at least 260 new homes to be allocated to Watlington by 2033. 40% of all the new homes are expected to be provided by housing associations or similar providers and will be allocated to people on the SODC Housing Register. We want to make sure that as many
of these new homes as possible are offered to local people

Our WNDP gives us a strong argument as to where new homes can be built in our entire WNDP area - without the WNDP we have far less influence or say in planning decisions

The Neighbourhood Plan will help to provide:                                                                                                                                                

  • More homes for local families, with opportunities for Watlington’s young people to get on the housing ladder
  • A range of types and sizes from park homes, one bedroom apartments up to larger family homes  
  • New developments that relate to local housing needs and providing homes for families who want to grow or downsize                                            
  • Housing that blends in with the rich historic environment of Watlington
  • Housing on development sites which will safeguard land for the new Edge Road
  • Opportunities for self-build and custom build to meet strong demand in line with Government targets