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Watlington is a small market town - reputedly once one of the smallest in England - situated at the foot of the Chilterns and just a few miles from Junction 6 of the M40.  Watlington Parish also contains the settlements of Christmas Common, Greenfiield, Howe Hill and parts of North End and Pishill with some 15% of the population living outside of the town but within the Parish of Watlington.  Click here to see a map of 7.5 ton weight limit zone applicable


You said  'YES'to preserve the character of Watlington and to provide a vision for it to thrive in the future

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Published by THE  WatYes Referendum Campaign, 1a Shirburn Street, Watlington, OX49 5BU and PROMOTED ON BEHALF OF WATYES BY VIVIEN  MARTIN, 34 SHIRBURN STREET, WATLINGTOn,OX49 5BU