The Watlington Neighbourhood Development Plan has been evolving over the past four years and the time for you to vote is fast approaching


We are passionate about preserving the unique nature of our historic town and planning for the new houses that are needed and as required by Government and District policy   


As residents of Watlington, we think we are very fortunate....we are proud of our market town  

  • We have a comprehensive Doctors Surgery - The Chiltern Surgery
  • We have an independent Dental Surgery
  • We have a fire station and a Community police office
  • We have a well run Care home
  • We have excellent recreation facilities covering football, tennis and cricket with facilities for other sports
  • We have schools with a first class reputation - primary and secondary
  • We have a pre school that is thriving
  • We have a balance of shops for everyday needs and speciality requirements - click here
  • We have three pubs, a fish and chips shop and an Indian restaurant
  • We are the hub for a number of surrounding villages and settlements
  • We have wonderful countryside and walks near to the town
  • We have over 50 clubs and organisations
  • We still have a library and we also have a vet
  • We still a post office  
  • We have two estate agents  and three churches 

We need new houses for all sections of the community to meet the Oxfordshire demand - for growing families and for the young and older age groups and to cater for the everyone who wants to live in the area

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